Artist Statement

The instinctive similarity of human nature from the primitive era to modern time has always amazed me. I try and turn the gloomy, ghastly, and grim human nature only in positive manner. To achieve that, I use bright colours and the liveliness of the figures to create a pleasant vibe in all of my works. For the last 10 years I have been doing a series work titled ‘Civilization’ (Shovvota), my artistic depiction has always been creating an environment of fantasy where mythological characters emerge in a playful mood that I tend to overlap with the primitive cave painting. Another series work called ‘Eternal Existence’ is also about fantasy where the utopian gesture comes from my inner self as an innate contemplation of mind. I pick my figures from Bengali folk art and draw them with the same motif, the manipulation happens as a twist in the spatial overlapping with primitive cave art figures where the juxtaposition of the two seems to haunt one another. I merged Egyptian Hydrographic style with our Bangladeshi folk motives in this painting. I always strive to create images on paper so that the intricate detail of line and form creates a depth of euphemism in my works. I’m working in Gallery Cosmos and Cosmos Atelier71 studio as the Executive Artistic Manager  since 2012, I have organized more then 70 Art Exhibitions